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Item description The  Gorilla Wear Dallas Wrist Wrap Fitness Gloves  are the most advanced Training Gloves for the ultimate grip. Don't let sore and slippery hands be a hindrance. The only thing you need to focus on is your training! The Dallas Wrist Wrap Fitness Gloves include Wristband. The strong elastic band prevents your wrists from folding over while lifting weight. This means more firmness, more grip strength and therefore more reps, sets and maximum results. Used and recommended by professional athletes of the highest level, the Dallas Wrist Wrap Fitness Gloves give you that little bit more in every way. In brief * Bioform, molds to your hand * Supportive adjustable Velcro strap * Spider grip technology, extra grip due to extended leather tip * Tech gel, protects important pressure points and prevents injuries * Ventilation against sweating * Hand washable Color: Black Composition: 50% Synthetic Leather, 50% Polyester

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Prijs: € 29.95

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