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Bodybuilding Work Out Top Blue- Gorilla Wear This Bodybuilding Work Out Top Blue - Gorilla Wear is also available in the color Green. Gorilla Wear is known for the excellent quality and durability of the clothing they produce. With this Bodybuilding Tanktop Classic you have a lot of freedom of movement to train optimally. Gorilla Wear's bodybuilding clothing also contributes to the image of a professional bodybuilder, as Gorilla Wear is a globally known brand with a very good name and reputation. Bodybuilding Work Out Top Blue - Gorilla Wear composition Bodybuilding Work Out Top Gorilla Wear is made of 80% cotton & 20% polyester. The Gorilla Wear brand Gorilla Wear has been a large and well-known American bodybuilding and fitness brand since the 1980s. Every Gorilla Wear product is designed for motivated and demanding athletes all over the world. Gorilla Wear clothing is therefore unique and suitable for every bodybuilder. Gorilla Wear

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